ACA and ACES would like to request your consideration in helping the clearinghouse grow by contributing your syllabi. In addition, we are looking to take the clearinghouse to the next level by inviting college/university counselor education departments to send us their departmental syllabi. Wake Forest University and Florida Atlantic University have voluntarily pioneered this effort by submitting the syllabi from their counseling departments. The scope of this unique collection is to be the go-to repository for counselor education syllabi.

It is easy to submit your new or updated syllabi by clicking on or paste it in your browser for complete details. You do not have to be a member to submit your syllabi.
The clearinghouse was developed to help counselor educators discover creative approaches to course development, while also saving time and enriching the profession. It also serves as aid in text book selection by showing which textbooks are currently being used in counselor education programs across the nation It is searchable by author’s name, college or university, title and key words. Both member and non-member counselor educators are continually invited to contribute their syllabi.  Accessing the syllabi is a member’s only benefit and is a valuable resource for both counselor educators and their students.

Contributing a syllabus brings professional recognition for the counselor’s work, exposure for the counselor education program at his university and most of all, peer appreciation. As one member phrased it, the clearinghouse is a testament to the “underlying altruism of the counseling profession”. It has been said that this endeavor could not have been achieved in other academic disciplines. Counselors, with their generosity of spirit and desire to cooperate, have made this initiative a reality.

The ACA-ACES Syllabus Clearinghouse is a highly successful benefit for members. In the first five months of operation, the clearinghouse was searched 3,731 times. Over 115 counselor educators have contributed approximately 300 syllabi. Kudos and a hearty “Thank You” go out to all out to all the counselor educators who have contributed their syllabi. You have helped to create this valuable resource for the community of counselor educators.
Please direct all syllabi questions, comments and feed back to Vikki Cooper, the ACA librarian at: or 703-823-9800, ext. 281.

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